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Global energy management and monitoring for buildings

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About Bnext Energy

In the the Smart Grid sector, Bnext Energy builds tomorrow’s energy: energy efficiency.
We propose today custom turnkey multi-fluids (multi-energy) smart metering systems (software and hardware) for every type of building.

Smart Metering Solution:

This is a fully-packaged system including:

  • Meters and sensors for all kind of energy
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) infrastructure
  • Energy Monitoring Dashboard and data storage solution

In addition we developed specific smart sub-meters (multi-circuits and multi-phases) to fully follow electricity consumptions within switch panels.
Bnext Energy products (meters, M2M system and energy monitoring dashboard) integrate seamlessly in any environment and allow monitoring buildings energy performance.
Our research and development focus: the real time and predictive optimization of buildings energy footprint (from energy source selection to its consumption) in order to reduce consumptions from at least 20% while satisfying the users’ comfort. We foster an innovation culture, key element of our strategy working hard on inventing a truly innovative way of controlling equipments within buildings thanks to an ambient technology!

Observer System Observer WM
Observer System
Observer Energy Meter 12 lines